The introduction of paperless picking systems requires more than just putting LED displays on racks. It requires a thorough analysis of picking requirements in the present and in the future. Flexibility and adaptability of the planned systems and the step-by-step introduction have always retained our full attention. Our systems are well adapted to existing EDP systems and our hard- and software is based on proven components and methods. Based on past experience we have been successful in bringing the information to the mobile or fixed workplace of the picker. Thanks to the system's good user guidance errors are avoided where they originate. Further, with both hands free for picking, productivity increases considerably. The reading of small print on the picklists as well as the search for the right product in the racks are eliminated. The investment in such systems is moderate and the pay-back period very short due to the utilization of existing investments in existing EDP systems. The acceptance of paperless systems built by MEMO-LED is extremly good because ergonomic considerations like readability and handling of goods are integrated in the system at a very early stage.
Anticipating future developments in picking requirements, design for adaptability of the systems as well as step-by-step implementation form an important part of our work.

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